ashes to ashes


Ashes to Ashes is both effective and dynamic, and certainly out of the normal range of British drama. The visceral power of the work is extremely rare

Steven Berkoff

Photo: @Festiwal Łódź Czterech Kultur and @HaWa

Photo: @Festiwal Łódź Czterech Kultur and @HaWa

‘if you only ever see one play about the Holocaust, in my view it should be this one’ Jewish Chronicle

Ashes to Ashes

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Ashes to Ashes was badac’s first…

project in 1999 and its success led directly to the company being formed. Exploring the Holocaust through the story of two men, Hirsch and Moshe, and their experiences at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, it originally previewed in London before then moving on to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1999 where it had a ‘sell out’ run at the Hill Street Theatre.

The transport consisted of 2,140 people. However after the selection process it was decided that 87 men and 43 women should be sent to the barracks. The rest. Including my family. Were gassed immediately - Filip

With its stark set (two hanging metal sheets) basic lighting (four single spots) and simple but effective script it immediately proved popular with theatre’s, arts centres, universities and schools for both its simplicity and intensity. The piece has toured every year since 1999 and already has bookings for 2019.

I am going to die here. But I am going to die with dignity. Because I know my soul is safe from them. If I die knowing that. Then I’ve won - Hirsch

The show package includes a post-show discussion where audience members can question the cast on the content, style and history of the piece and, when requested, a workshop for students that focuses on the Holocaust and specifically on the history of the Auschwitz camp.

I did have a choice. I always have a choice. When they tell me to work. I have a choice. When they tell me to dance. I have a choice. And when they tell me to beat my friend. I have a choice - Moshe

Over the last twenty years the piece has been seen by at least 12,000 students and has participated in numerous Holocaust education days/events. If you are interested in booking the piece or would like more information then please mail Steve Lambert via our company contact page.

Original Edinburgh Cast:

Dan Robb, Sartaj Garewal, Steve Lambert

Other cast members (those I can remember):

Joe Gooch, Brian McMahon, Bogdan Silaghi, Gary Faulkner, Nathan Thompson, Toby Alexander, Oli Forsyth, Jack Silver

Writer/Director - Steve Lambert



Ashes to Ashes sheds fresh light on thoughts commonly kept in the darker, seldom visited recesses of modern consciousness

The Scotsman ****