Here are some of the artists the company have collaborated with in the past. We have worked with some top quality people over the years (not all listed here) and without their efforts and commitment there is no way the company would still be creating stuff. So a massive thanks to all of them


Susanne Gschwendtner

Susanne worked with the company on our WW1 project The Flood. She helped develop the script, arranged rehearsals in Vienna and then spent a first class month with me in Edinburgh doing the festival. An ex East 15 graduate she is a top actor, singer, director and one of me favourite people ever.

Dan Robb

Dan was actually a joint founder of the company. Back in 1999 him and me had a dream bout starting a theatre company and changing the world. When that didn’t work out he went off a got a proper life… A very talented chap he now writes comedy, acts and makes films. Did Ashes to Ashes, Crucifixion and The March with us and will be working with me on our short film project A Sea of Trees. We love Dan



Maria Alexe

Maria worked with Badac on our refugee project The Journey in which she played ‘Mother’. She has also done the lighting for Ashes to Ashes. A great company member and very talented lady (other company’s I know speak equally highly of her). She’s also fluent in about 20 languages. Impressive

Joe Gooch

Joe was one of the very early Badac troupers. Met him in 2000 while doing Edinburgh Festival. He is now a veteran of many many Badac adventures (Ashes to Ashes, The Factory, The Cry, Anna) and projects (has done three Ed Fest’s with us. Blimey. He could tell some interesting stories…). A top fella he acts, writes and sings (very very well) and is a great company member. An all round quality human being



Saskia Schuck

Sas is also a veteran of the Badac adventure. Done a couple of Ed Fest’s with us (Cage, Anna) and even won The Stage’s ‘Best Female Actor at the Festival’ for her performance in Cage (quite right too. She was very good). A massively talented lady who is also fantastic fun to be with. Getting drunk with her is a proper laugh

Ghazi Hussein

Ghazi (or Mr Hussein as he is known in the company) is a Badac legend. Has worked with the company on various projects both as a co-creative and advisor. He has accompanied us on various research trips and arranged our recent visits to camps in Lebanon and on the Syrian border for our refugee project The Journey. He worked extensively with us on Al Nakba, The Box and The Cry (which is based around his harrowing experiences as a political prisoner). A poet, playwright, film script writer and all around amazing artist, the meeting, working alongside and becoming friends with Mr Hussein is one of the highlights of running the company for twenty years. An incredible human being



Mary Hillier

Mary (aka ‘da guuurrllll’) is a top lady who was in the original production of our show Cage many many years ago. She has also worked with us on The Cry at the Edinburgh Festival and on Al Nakba, a show we created in Palestine (West Bank). A cracking company member and if you need any ‘events’ organising then she’s ya lady.

Bogdan Silaghi

Bogdan worked with us on The Journey where he played the ‘Son’ (has also done Ashes to Ashes a few times). He’s a quality bloke and another who is a great company member (especially as he’s also a chef). Works very hard and is really committed to every project he undertakes. He’s also a fairly clever fella (except with football where his tastes and judgements are truly shocking..) as he speaks bout 10 languages. Top stuff



Micaela Casalboni

Micaela is one of my heroes. We first met in 2000 at the Ed Fest when she came to see our show Crucifixion (which she then arranged to visit Bologna) and we have been friends ever since. She is incredible. A proper artist. Co-runs a theatre company (see link below) and a venue (ITC Teatro Bologna) along with arranging numerous artistic collaborations. Is a top class actor/director (her input was vital in the creation of our co-production The March/La Marcia) and her recent work with refugees (along with her years of mentoring thousands of young people) is just inspirational. An absolute legend

Brian McMahon

Brian has been a regular in Ashes to Ashes for years. His nickname is ‘the good doctor’ (because he actually does have a PhD) and he is a multi talented fella who can write, direct, act and organise. Runs a theatre company Reverend Productions and is constantly staging stuff in Oxford and Edinburgh. Have to say that ‘the good doctor’ is one of my favourite people in the entire world. Is an absolute gentleman who I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about. A top class fella



Rebecca Wilson

Becca worked with us on our recent refugee project The Journey where she played the ‘Daughter’. A recent graduate from East 15 she is another who speaks various languages (including Welsh). She also does loads of martial arts stuff so could probably kick ya ass if she needed too

Nathan Thompson

Nathan (Chris) is a cracking fella (another ex East 15 graduate) who has worked with us on Ashes to Ashes (played Moshe loads of times), Anna (he was basically the only sane one left at the end of the Edinburgh Festival) and The Box (just me and him and he did all the technical stuff on it). Is a wicked company member who gets on with everyone and for whom no task is too much. He can act, direct, run workshops and now runs his own company. Top fella

Nathan Thompson CV.jpg


Madeleine Hutchins

Madeleine worked with us on The Flood and was great. She had to work under a lot of pressure but coped wonderfully. A very talented lady who has loads of experience on both stage and screen (won a best actress award for her role in the short film Nasty). She also does loads of movement work and is a yoga teacher. Top stuff

Gary Faulkner

Gary has worked with us on loads of stuff. Was a regular in Ashes to Ashes for years but also did The Factory and The Cry at the Ed Fest. An East 15 Graduate he is a talented actor, director, writer and workshop facilitator who now runs his own company. Top man (although he’s another with very dubious football tastes…)



Ida Strizzi

Ida (aka ‘danger’) is a top top lady who works at the Teatro dell Argine in Bologna. A massively talented artist who acts directs writes teaches (is married to the equally talented photographer Luciano Paselli and has the most gorgeous daughter). She has helped us on all three shows we have worked on in Italy and has the most amazing energy and passion for theatre. A genuinely wonderful human being.

Jack Silver

Jack has worked a few times on Ashes to Ashes with us. He’s been in it and done the lights on it which proves he can both act and do tech tasks. He involved in loads of stuff, he acts, directs, produces, writes, oh, and he does some casting. Ridiculously busy