Badac’s Partners

Below are some of the partners the company have collaborated with over the last twenty years. We have been incredibly lucky to have formed working relationships with some top class venues, organisations, company’s and individuals. Their past and present support is massively appreciated (click on images for links).


Norwich Arts Centre

The NAC has been a massive supporter of Badac for a number of years. They have consistently booked the company’s work and for our last two projects, The Box and The Journey, were involved as creative partners. They have also very kindly agreed to be partners on our new domestic abuse project Women (Why don’t they leave). On top of all that they are run by the wonderful Mr Pasco Kevlin. A true political and artistic warrior. Top stuff

Colchester Arts Centre

The arts centre in Colchester is another huge supporter of Badac’s work. They were also creative partners on The Box and The Journey, and along with The NAC, will be partners on our new project Women (why don’t they leave). They are run (and I use the term loosely…) by the absolute legend that is Anthony Roberts. An artist/impresario for whom words alone are simply inadequate. Again. Top stuff

West End Centre Aldershot

The West End Centre Aldershot is run by one of the most beautiful human beings you could ever hope to meet. Mr Barney Jeavons. We first met in 2005 at the Edinburgh Festival after he’d seen our show Cage and have been friends ever since. He’s massively supportive of our work and books it whenever he can. Love him and the venue. Again. Top stuff

SFP Communications are run by the absolute legend that is Mr Stephen Forster (and the very lovely Steph Potts). He has worked with Badac on numerous projects over the years as a publicist, PR Marketing person and poster/flyer designer (and all round advisor…). His knowledge experience and contacts appear to be unlimited and if you were looking for a company to do ya publicity stuff then would definitely recommend. Has been a massive supporter of our work and has guided us through many Edinburgh Festivals (his knowledge of the festival is actually unlimited). He’s a top top fella and we are madly in love with him.

Compagnia del Teatro del Argine

The ITC Teatro in Bologna Italy is one of our favorite theatres anywhere. We have collaborated with the wonderful artists there three times in the past (including Crucifixion and The March) and have learnt a ridiculous amount of artistic stuff from them. The work they do both in their local community and internationally is truly astonishing (they have introduced literally thousands of young people to the process of creating theatre over the years). Their artistic aims are inspirational and the work they create is vital for the times we live in. Quality people. Quality company. Quality work. Absolutely love them

Draper Hall

Draper Hall is a venue and community centre on the Draper Estate, Elephant and Castle. Is a top top place where we both rehearse and show our work (have done The Flood, The Box and The Journey there). It programmes some great theatre and does masses of superb work within the local community. The theatre season is developed, designed and programmed by the wonderful and irrepressible Stefania Bochicchio, whilst the community centre is organised and run by the amazing (energy levels beyond belief!) Luisa Pretolani (she also makes films!). These ladies have been great supporters of the company and we love them both. Is a cracking venue/space/centre that you should all visit

Prodigal Theatre (UPG)

Prodigal have been partners and supporters of Badac for many years, stretching back to their time at The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton (did Ashes to Ashes and The Devoured there), and have over that period offered rehearsal space, development time and help/advice on a number of our projects. They are run by the massively talented Alister and Miranda, proper artists who, along with creating their own cracking work, have helped mentor a vast amount of companies and artists over the years. Really are top top people. Go see their work if you can

Old Trunk Theatre Company

Old Trunk Theatre Company. What can ya say about Old Trunk. Well it’s run by these two talented and delicious artists. Sarah Mayhew and Sadie Hasler. A superb duo who can act, write, direct, produce and teach. Amazing stuff. Ever since we first met at Ed Fest 2014 (I’ve actually known Sarah for decades..) they have been massively supportive of our work. Sorting out audiences, finding actors and even arranging gigs for us. Been fantastic. They are also great to go out and get hammered with. Wicked fun in fact. Individually Sarah works constantly as an actor and director. Sadie acts and has her plays produced/performed all over the place. Very talented lady’s. We love Old Trunk


Smokescreen and Tim Marriott

Tim has been a massive supporter of Badac over the years. He booked Ashes to Ashes (and workshops) numerous times in his role as Director of Drama at Eastbourne College and was great in promoting and helping arrange gigs in the area (including for The Flood and The Box). Now has his own company producing stuff across the UK and abroad. Is a top fella who has massive experience in acting (including a well known TV comedy series) and directing.

Universal Arts

Universal Arts were a major force in Badac first setting up as a company. Our debut show Ashes to Ashes was a major success at their Hill Street Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe Venue) in 1999 and through that they encouraged us to officially set up as a company and look to tour the show (both things that they massively helped us with). We have worked on and off with them over the years (most recently in 2018 at a cultural festival in Wodz Poland). Tomek and Laura are cracking artists/producers who have an incredible energy and passion for the arts. Top people.