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Scotland on Sunday

From the inspired silliness of Moliere and MacMillan to writer, director and actor Steve Lambert's profoundly moving, deeply horrifying Holocaust play ASHES TO ASHES. A finely constructed combination of narrative, dialogue, monologue and physical theatre… ASHES TO ASHES is another reminder, alongside such works as Primo Levi's extraordinary books, that art has the ability to puncture our incomprehension of the Holocaust and prevent the barbarism from silencing its victims

Jewish Chronicle

ASHES TO ASHES, is an extremely moving play about the Holocaust which strives less to tell what went on in the death camps than to show it… It's a harrowing, even traumatic, play, but also uplifting in its portrayal of the strength of human spirit, and the power of a friendship which even the Nazis could not break… If you are only ever going to see one play about the Holocaust, in my view, it should be this one

The Stage

Badac Theatre Company's wonderful directorial devices make this look at the inhumane hell of Birkenau extermination camp into an unforgettable experience that is totally brutal, genuinely harrowing and supremely powerful… It's brilliantly intense stuff…. With forceful acting, the humanity is tentatively explored through the prisoners trying to retain their dignity before their deaths with positive memories, and the absence of a curtain-call leaves the audience speechless

British Theatre Guide

This is theatre pared down to its basic essentials: three characters, a black box setting, minimal props, and a spare, simply lighting plot… The writing is tight and the performances intense but controlled. The result is a hard-hitting piece which leaves the audience stunned and deeply moved

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The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration camp: the setting for Lambert's powerful, distressing but thoughtful work… we are left simply with the strongest sense of anger at the wrong which was done. Badac's ASHES TO ASHES is humane, political art of the highest order

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