the march

(la marcia)

Photo - Luciano Passeli

Photo - Luciano Passeli

‘badac are one of British theatre’s best kept secrets’ Battersea Arts Centre

The March

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The March was a collaboration…

between Badac and the ITC Teatro from Bologna. It was performed by actors from Italy and the UK and was delivered in both Italian and English.

Faith is a strength not a weakness. It helps us survuve. It gives us hope. For the future. And for now. To keep going…. If we lose our faith we lose everything - Soneson

Transforming the auditorium at the ITC into a performance space and immersing the audience within the action the piece follows three prisoners on their ‘death’ journey away from the Auschwitz/Birkenau extermination camp.

They hate us. We hate them. They’ve conditioned us. If I had the chance. I’d kill them all. They’ve made me hate. I don’t want to hate. It’s wrong. It makes me the same as them… I used to be happy - Wetzler

Brutalized by two sadistic guards as they march the prisoners argue about God, belief, violence, loss and revenge. Attempting to survive random executions and humiliating ‘exercises’ each prisoner struggles on in the hope of reaching safety.

But I don’t want to kill his fucking family. I don’t want to torture his fucking children. I want to hurt him. I want to see him fucking suffer. That’s different. Very fucking different from what that evil cunt has done - Muller

The March portrays the intensely violent history of the ‘death marches’ along with exploring the effect such visceral brutality has on those innocents thrown into the inferno that is genocide.

Original Italian/British Cast:

Andrea Gadda. Lorenzo Fontana. Alvaro Maccioni. Dan Robb. Ben Read.


Micaela Casalboni. Ida Strizzi. Dimitris Filippou


Steve Lambert