the flood


This is theatre in the recognisable Eastern European style, a chance for the strong of stomach to bear witness to the monstrosities of a war

The List ****

Photo: Liquid Photo

Photo: Liquid Photo

‘compelling theatre that delivers a potent message’ British Theatre Guide****

The Flood

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The Flood was developed by Badac in…

commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, described at the time as ‘the war to end all wars’. The production is a typically uncompromising portrayal of the unspeakable horrors wrought on humanity by wars past and present.

I imagine you with me. I create. Create a day. A day together. We talk. We laugh. We plan. Like lovers in a play. Life is beautiful. On this day. This imaginary day. Life is beautiful. As it should be - Nurse

Set in the bloody battlefields of WW1, and premiered in a small previously unused cellar space below Summerhall at The Edinburgh Festival 2014, it recreates the unimaginable horror of the conflict with an explicit depiction of the slaughter of millions of soldiers torn from their ordinary lives to fight in the most hellishly filthily squalid terrifying conditions.

And all the time. I’m thinking. Why. Why did I live. Why did I survive. Everywhere there are pieces. Pieces of men. So why. Why did I live. Why did I survive - Soldier

A parallel love story explores the devastating effects on the women who loved those men. As the insanity of the war intensifies, it follows an emerging relationship between a front line infantryman and the woman whose love gives him hope. The drama switches between the visceral horror of war, to their increasingly passionate yet ultimately tragic love affair.

He’s not moving. He’s just standing. Standing and screaming. His body’s disfigured. His face is disfigured. The flesh dripping. Dripping off him. Peeling off him. And he’s screaming. Again. Screaming - Nurse

After a successful Edinburgh Festival, where it received top reviews and audience feedback, The Flood toured the UK in 2015. Its simple set and sparse lighting allowed it to be shown in various spaces, including, cellars, churches, theatres and even an old bomb shelter. If you are interested in booking the piece or would like more information then please mail Steve Lambert via our company contact page.

Original Edinburgh Festival Cast:

Susanne Gschwendtner. Steve Lambert

Additional touring cast members:

Marnie Baxter. Madeleine Hutchins

Writer/Director: Steve Lambert



A bloody and unflinching protest against the futility of war, The Flood rises with an emotional surge which is hard not to be swept away by

The Stage ****