the factory


This is not a theatre of entertainment, but of instruction: a reminder of what happens when good men do nothing. This will leave you numb


A powerfully theatrical cry against human brutality

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The Factory is an immersive piece that…

follows the final journey of victims destined to die in the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

We must die with dignity. With dignity. We must stand and be proud. Proud of who we are. We must look them in the eye. When we die. Look them in the eye. Show no fear of them. No fear of death. We must be proud. Proud and defiant. Proud and defiant - Man

When it premiered at the Edinburgh Festival it took place within a garage and underground chambers at the Pleasance Courtyard. The audience were locked into the venue and then led through the various spaces while experiencing the undressing and gassing processes used within the camp.

The children. Take them to the gas. They will die quickly. If you take them to the gas. They will die quickly. If not. If not. They will get hurt. Hurt. Trampled. Beaten. Is better for them. Near the gas. Is better for them. They will die quickly. They will die quickly - Sonderkommando

Mixed in with the company’s actors audience members were screamed at, abused and brutalised by guards. The whole process being designed to disorientate and unnerve the participants

I have this. A locket. Please take it. Find him. Sasha. When I am dead. Find him. Give it to him. So he knows. He knows I was thinking of him. Of him. Here. Now. I was thinking of him. And tell him. Tell him that I love him. That I love him so much. So much. Please. Please - Woman

The piece was a ‘sell out’ at the festival and received stunning reviews and audience feedback. If you are interested in booking the piece or would like more information then please mail Steve Lambert via our company contact page.

Original Edinburgh Cast:

Emily Bruce. Joe Gooch. Gary Faulkner. Toby Alexander. Steve Lambert

Writer/Director: Steve Lambert



Its a gut churning piece of work… An almost unbearable spectacle of horror, like 10,000 hammers crashing into your stomach