the box


I was locked up in a cage.. You don’t hear any other voices.. You forget what it’s like to be human

Ex Prisoner

Photo: Liam Xavier

Photo: Liam Xavier

Badac’s work is intensley and unrelentingly powerful - The Stage

The Box

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The Box explores the use of solitary confinement…

and the effects the punishment has on the prisoners who experience it.

You. You. Talk to me. Talk to me. Get me a book. A book. Anything. To read. Anything. Talk to me. A book. I want a book. I need something. Something to read… Get me a fucking book. Get me a fucking book - Prisoner

Based around intense research, that included visits to Category A prisons, working with experts who monitor the use of solitary across the world and interviews with former prisoners, the piece follows the mental deterioration of a single prisoner as they struggle to survive isolation.

No more noise. Animal. Dirty fucking animal. No more noise. You're scum. Fucking scum. No more noise. No more fucking noise. No more fucking noise. Will kill you. Will fucking kill you. You're an animal. A fucking animal - Guard

With a simple set, a metal cage that the audience are set around, and basic violent language, the piece is an intense, visceral and brutal exploration of a punishment that is destructive for both inmates and the societies controlling them. .

No one hears me. No one. Hello. Hello. No one hears. No one. Hello. Hello. No one. Am dead. Am dead. I move. I speak. But no one sees. No one hears. Am dead. Am dead - Prisoner

The piece toured the UK in 2016 and visited theatres, arts centres, universities and colleges. If you are interested in booking the piece or would like more information then please mail Steve Lambert via our company contact page.

Original Touring Cast:

Nathan Thompson. Steve Lambert

Writer/Director: Steve Lambert



The panic, the voices, the hallucinations, they never leave you

Ex Prisoner